Your Story
Understanding what happened, the nature of the condition, and then how you can defend yourself and recover is at the core of the Show, which is interactive, the in-house audience and people around the world will hear you.  

Your first appearance will be anonymous.  No names will be used either on air or afterwards.  You sign a contract promising to keep your story private.  

Then, the research begins. We work with you on your research, showing how you can build the body of evidence to prove what happened to you and why.  

This is essential to defend yourself, and us, from charges of libel and slander and also the responses from the Kin who has harmed you.  

We strongly suggest you read and explore the resources provided on our About Page .  

Our First Three Shows

These will be with experts and professionals with whom we are working.  The interactive TV allows you to ask questions, comment and participate.