Psycho Kin
Did you birth, marry, adopt, love one?
      1 - 4% of humanity is thought to be psychopathic.  They live among us, perhaps in our own families, but have no conscience, no empathy, no compassion and do not love.  

     One of the frustrations is accepting you will never have a relationship, then the horror of realizing they will never leave you alone.  

         Not all of those without conscience are violent but they all steal the joy of our lives and take pleasure in doing so.  This show digs into your story letting others see and understand what you have faced.  

          Share your story with us.  We do not publicize anything until our panel of experts concurs.  And then we do.  Us our Contact form to get in touch and share your experience.

           Psycho Kin is a show which will launch on Freedom TV Networks late this year.